Multi-Cloud Management Services

Multicloud management services consist of services that enable local and public cloud services to be used to deliver your business’s IT services. This service is offered to our customers on a scalable and consumption-based basis with a wide service catalog.

Public Cloud Management

A solution that performs as an extension of your IT staff to help you design, manage, optimize and secure your workloads on the general cloud.

Multi Cloud Management

A solution that offers a single unified interface to manage multiple cloud services.

Hybrid Cloud Management

A solution that allows you to combine the hardware resource management of multiple general clouds on an intra company data center in a private cloud.

Operating Systems Management

A solution that provides services managed by us on the main operating systems on the market (Microsoft, Linux).

Network Systems Management

A solution that provides the management of all types of network environment.

Database Management

A solution that allows you to transfer your databases to the cloud, to manage your most demanding innovation objectives.

Middle Layer and Application Operation Management

A managed service solution that provides operational support in business and technical level of your products and applications at the middle layer.

SAP Management

A service solution that provides your SAP workloads and SAP management.

Monitoring and Automation Management

A managed service that provides continuous performance management, automation and reporting of systems and applications in all cloud environments and your local data centers.

Container Management

A managed solution that containerizes mission-critical software to upgrade your application development and commissioning capabilities.

IoT Management

A managed solution that allows you to create secure IoT networks that collect data at the appropriate scale and provides your company with more information about customers.

Security Management

A managed solution that helps you implement cloud security at all layers of the cloud, from the operating system to applications and network.

Digital Workplace Management

A digital workplace management solution that allows employees to work in cooperation, in an agile and secure way, including the ability to access support mechanisms specialized for company employees’ in-house or remote work.

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